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Today, cell phones are something we all depend on, both privately and at work. But the fact is, we are not dependent on it being new. Nevertheless, great cell phones are scrapped – just because there is a lot of money to be made from selling new ones. We want to do something about that and have made it our mission to make reused the natural first choice. 

About us

“Guaranteed quality used”

By that we want to assure you that when you buy a cell phone at Release, you can be safe to say you’ve chosen a reused product.

But the fact that our cell phones are used by someone else before you, doesn't make it unsafe.

Each cell phone goes through significant tests by experienced technicians, to secure the quality before they reach our customers. In that way the cell phone you buy from us, will function just as well as a new one.

It is about time that we change the way we see the lifespan of a cell phone. The difference between an older model and a new release has less advantages than you may think, even though the cost might seem otherwise. The environment Is paying the highest price.

Our history

Release was established the summer of 2020. The company started out as Grønnmobil, a company that saw the light of day in 2011. The two businesses are now run by the same company with joint management.

The company has our headquarter and warehouse in Sandefjord, where the mobiles are quality checked before dispatched to new customers. This is also where phones that are at the end of their lifespan, is recycled as e-waste in a proper manner.

Our stores

In March 2021 we opened our first Release Flagship store, in Kongens gate 9 in Sandefjord.

Now, you can also buy refurbished phones from Release in most Teknikmagasinet stores, as well as all Telliberry stores.

Contact information

Release AS

Aagaardsplass 2

3211 Sandefjord


Call us: +47 904 31 000

Organisation number: 920 502 873


The management in Release consist of people with solid background from the telecommunications industry.

At Release, we emphasize well-being in everyday life, a positive attitude, dedication to our work and to each other. When we put competence at the top, we get a skilled team that together creates great customer experiences and good products!

Below you see some of the people behind Release



Øistein Eriksen

Chief Executive Officer/ Press contact


+47 408 58 500


Øistein is the Chief Executive Officer. He started out at Onecall, before he previously helped build up Netcom (Telia Norway today) when the mobile market opened to private customers in 1993. Øistein is a qualified civil economist (NHH).


Christopher Isaksen

Chief Financial Officer


+47 484 34 148


Christopher is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. He started out his career as head of sales for Talkmore in 2004 and has been involved in starting up several international companied within IT, Media and Finance. Christopher has a degree in management and administration (BI), as well as CS50 (Harvard).


Thale Knudsen

Customer Director


+47 408 56 056


Thale is responsible for the customer experience in Release. She has previously worked for Onecall and Mycall where she was in charge of administrating the customer database. Thale was also employed at Link Mobility within user experience and communication through app and mobile communication solutions. She is educated in aquaculture (HVL) but has had a change of heart since then.



Lene Briseid

Marketing Director


+47 928 12 400


Lene is the Marketing Director for the company. She started her career as Marketing Manager in Netcom before proceeding to PepsiCo Nordic as Marketing and Innovation Manager for the Nordic Region. She has a bachelor’s in marketing from The Norwegian School of Economics.


Frode Elverum

Director of Product and IT Solutions


+47 486 06 060


Frode is the Director of Product and IT Solutions of the Company. He contributed to the start-up of OneCall as Product Director from the beginning in 2004, where he stayed until 2021, setting aside 3 years he had as Broadband Manager for GET from 2017 - 2019. He has a degree as Civil Engineer from KTH in Stockholm.


Thomas Hovde

Commercial Director


+47 410 04 410


Thomas is the Commercial Director for the company. Thomas has a long background from the Telecom Industry and started his career at Telenor. He later went on to help start-up Smart Club telecom, before building up his career at Onecall and Mycall.  His role here was leading all sales as well as being the Store Manager. He has a degree in Economics from BI School of Economics, with further training in project management and strategic management.



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